About the project

With a rise in portable devices over the past few years, the web has taken over how companies and individuals have showcased their products and services to consumers.
I have personally used a number of mock-ups to showcase my own digital and print creations to clients. Its been just a few months I have learnt how to code with the help of some amazing web applications available online. I realised, basic mockups of devices can be created just with code and the use of images can be completely neglected to keep the file size to a bare minimum. In countries like India where most people still rely on 2G networks for internet access, using these code based mockups could help cut down time and costs. This is the sole reason I created the project.

Being quite a tech enthusiast myself, I will continue to spend time creating many more devicss in the coming months. I am thoroughly enjoying it as there is so much more to learn. I plan to eventually release these to the public some day. Till then I hope you enjoy the work. Do share the link with as many as possible. 


Art Direction / Design / User Experience